12×12 Space (Not Selling)

*The Coeur d’Alene Parks & Recreation Dept. charges $15 per non-selling vendor and $35 per selling vendor


*The Coeur d’Alene Parks & Recreation Dept. charges $15 per non-selling vendor and $35 per selling vendor



Our goal and mission is to grow and protect local businesses. We want all businesses to succeed and as such we provide a number of programs that educate and inspire our members that are for the most part free to attend. Our weekly events always include trainings from local leaders who deliver pertinent information that you can readily use. Robust networking is always a part of everything we do.

Our rules are simple:

1. Play Nice
2. Serve Others First
3. Promote, But Don’t Push Your Business Onto Others


The Heart of Business seeks to make the Inland Northwest as recession proof as possible; therefore, as one of our programs, we spearhead the Choose Local movement with the goal of educating our communities as to the value of shifting a portion of their shopping from the national chains to a locally owned business.

With only a 1% shift in their buying habits, a community the size of Coeur d’Alene would receive $3 million dollars back into their economy and compound from there. It is the small businesses that provide the jobs, local economy and the local taxes. Imagine what could happen if we were to achieve a shift in spending to 5%-10%? This would take some time, but it’s doable. This movement is where the rubber meets the road.


With these goals and programs, we are making a difference and we’re ready to take it to the next level. With events such as this, we can afford to fund staff and implement new programs that better serve our local businesses, such as Mastermind groups, SEO, consumer e-magazine and consumer apps.

We have a sense of urgency to make the Choose Local movement highly recognizable throughout the Inland Northwest by the end of 2019. To make an effective impact on our community and change the hearts of our consumers requires a significant and steady source of funding. Your participation helps fund this movement.

Not only will you benefit from all the consumers we’re going to have visit your booth at the Fest, but as we succeed in our Choose Local movement, your business will enjoy greater long-term security and growth. That’s our goal and our purpose. Thank you for working with us and supporting this beneficial cause.


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