We are not business as usual; we are what business should be.

We are on a mission to grow and protect businesses throughout the Inland Northwest.  We believe that this can be best achieved through creating an inclusive, friendly and forward-thinking culture in which our individual businesses can grow beyond survive to thrive or even become businesses of significance through the tools and programs that we provide and their association with other businesses of like mind.  Our admittedly ambitious goal is to make the Inland Northwest as recession proof as possible.

We believe in building relationships and making connections, the basis for long-term success and stability, by providing weekly events that include relevant and enlightening trainings along with robust networking. Once you attend any of the events that we host, you’ll instantly recognize that there is something inviting and different about who we are and what we do. This is the positive consequence of our culture and is never by accident.

To ensure the success of our culture and systems, we have developed four simple and irrefutable rules that safeguard our mission and allow the free and unobstructed interaction between businesses. These rules are:

  1. Serve others first
  2. Play nice
  3. Remain open to all businesses (no caps)
  4. Never push your business on another

Our systems and programs have been developed with two criteria; is it relevant and beneficial to businesses and does it meet the “where the rubber meets the road” test? Impact, function and insuring that our programs and services actually help our businesses grow, are our only concern.  In addition, whatever systems we develop we want to make sure that our members find them engaging and enjoyable. There’s nothing stuffy, clinical or institutional about what we offer.

We have and will continue to host major business and community events.  We spearhead the Choose Local movement and provide a venue where the community can meet their locally owned businesses.  We also host major business conferences that link our business members with the topics they desire to learn more about and are trained by the professionals who are most proficient with the subjects.  In 2018 we will host two major Choose Local events and two business conferences.

Furthermore, we hope to provide several new services in 2018 that are truly where the “rubber that meets the road”.  We are developing a mentorship program where we can match a struggling but worthy business with a successful business owner.  You will see this year the organization of a number of small mastermind groups where 5-6 members meet on a monthly basis to help build each other’s businesses.  Lastly, for those who wish to expand their businesses on social media, we’ll have SEO services available.  Though there is a cost to these programs, we’ll be able to provide them at a fraction of what the prevailing costs are for similar services.

Because of our strong core beliefs and simple rules we, as an organization, can remain fluid and add new services as the need becomes evident.  So long as we remain true to our core values, we seek to improve our mission and vision in whatever form that might take.

In addition, we actively seek out other groups and organizations to collaborate with those who see the value of supporting a shared mission to unite the Inland Northwest business community, while honoring and respecting each other’s autonomy.  There are goals that are worth achieving for the greater good of the regional economy that can only be accomplished by working together.

Imagine if you will, the possibilities of having a united Inland Northwest business community, what might be possible.  Daunting as it may seem, the merits would outweigh the challenges.  The Inland Northwest is an island to itself.  There are no immediate metropolitan communities nearby.  We are rich with talent, commerce, resources and an identity.  If united in desire and ambition, the possibilities of becoming recession proof seems more likely.